Everyone makes mistakes.

Your Daily Goal: Own Your (Small) Failures

Life is all about being a little bit better every day. Better at what, you ask? Everything. As the saying goes, Pobody’s Nerfect. According to people who seem to know, the only way to improve is to constantly make goals, achieve them, and then make new ones. Because we care about your personal growth, Title will provide you a highly specific goal. Every day.

Goal #7: Own Your (Small) Failures

Someone ought to make a movie, or write a play, or craft a novel about how life is a series of broken promises and failed dreams, but also maybe about how character and manhood (however it’s defined) is built up from the shards and pieces of those tragedies and failures.

Maybe the narrative could follow two men, say. One is physically large and imposing—the picture of what a man should be—but is also developmentally delayed. His friend and de facto caretaker is, naturally, smaller, but smarter, too—like a Gary Sinise type. The story follows this odd pair as they drift about looking for work, living off the lies they tell themselves about an idyllic future that will never come. Set it during the Depression, so that the whole story can be framed by hopelessness and broken dreams on a grand scale. It will drive home the point.

Now, the novelist/playwrite/filmmaker can make their own decisions, but maybe this pair can get into a spot of bother where, like, the Big One accidentally kills a woman and so, knowing that people won’t understand that it was an accident, the Little One decides to shoot his friend himself, as a way of owning this failure, which probably isn’t his failure, it’s probably the failure of society, but look, we’re just spitballing here.

The point is: Sometimes, as men, we have plans. Much like mice, for example, also sometimes have plans. But those plans don’t work, and it’s maybe a little your fault, but also, you know, life.

And then, you have to deal with that failure. Every so often, that means shooting your developmentally delayed companion in the back so that angry townsfolk don’t hang him. Other times, though, that means posting a picture of a beautiful Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COSC because you planned on making a video gift guide wherein you’d recommend this smooth, elegant timepiece among other products, only to be swamped by other tasks, but since the Tissot people were so kind as to loan a watch out to you for this failed video, you feel like you ought to at least mention it before the holidays.

Either way: your goal is to accept responsibility for a failure today and do your best to make it right.

Also, this is pretty sweet watch, right?