See? Good things do still exist.

Start Your Week Off Right with This Photo of a Dog in a Jean Jacket and Sunglasses

So, it’s Monday. You hardly got enough sleep this weekend, your coffee machine was acting up this morning, you keep forgetting to make a Valentine’s Day reservation and, yeah, Trump is still in the White House doing Trump things. But fear not, Easily Disheartened Fictional Reader, because we’ve got just the thing to get your fast spiralling week back on track: this photo of a dog at New York Fashion Week wearing a denim jacket and sunglasses—which, granted, you already saw at the top of this post before even reading this paragraph, thus lessening the impact of the reveal. But come on! Just look at this guy!

There are a lot of different directions we could take this article from here—debating whether this look is more of a tribute to Bruce Springsteen or Miley Cyrus-as-Bruce Springsteen; speculating which NYFW shows this pup will attend and what he’ll wear to them—but all of that would be superfluous nonsense. All you really need is the photo. Look at it, take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything is going to be fine. Because it will be.