Inside one vinyl obsessive's incredible collection.

8 Ultra-Rare Vinyl Records and the Stories Behind Them

On a quiet stretch of Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood, tucked in the back of an unassuming storefront, you’ll find what might just be the biggest record gold mine in the city — housed in the smallest possible space. Clocking in at a mere 77 square feet, the aptly-named Tiny Record Shop is a shrine to all things vinyl founded by obsessive collectors Trevor Larocque and Maude Fallon-Davesne.

Beyond the thousands of records you’ll find in its neatly and efficiently furnished space — a mix of new and vintage, with a particular focus on rare first pressings and Japanese-only editions — the biggest draw of all here are the super knowledgable and incredibly friendly staff.1 On a recent Tuesday morning, we swung by the shop and asked Larocque to walk us through eight of the rarest, raddest records in his collection. Check ’em out in the video below.

If you’re in Toronto, swing by Tiny Record Shop at 804 Queen St E.

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1. Which, if you’ve ever seen High Fidelity, you’ll know isn’t typical of record store types.