Donald Glover's hot streak continues.

Childish Gambino Just Dropped Two Instant Song of the Summer Candidates

Donald Glover is always working. Not in the way you tell your friends you’re “so busy” and “totally swamped” so you can stay in on a Friday night and eat popcorn on the couch. In a real way. In a I’m-legitimately-concerned-he’s-not-getting-enough-sleep kinda way.

After already giving us the song of the moment in “This Is America” earlier this year (and a new season of Atlanta, and hosting SNL, and “leaking” a script for his cancelled Deadpool series, and being the hands-down best part of Solo, and announcing his fall tour), Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, just dropped a seasonally-appropriate EP called Summer Pack, a surprise two-pack of singles that gives him not one, but two shots at the coveted Song of Summer title for 2018.

“Feels Like Summer” reminds us to “slow down.” “Summertime Magic” features steel drums, which is basically the most summer instrument of all.1 And I’ve already listened to both of them on repeat all morning, so yeah, better luck next year, fellow Song of Summer contenders.2

So put in your headphones and take a walk. Roll down the windows and blast these while sitting in summer weekend traffic. Turn off the AC. Embrace the heat wave. Get a soft serve. Sure, the current news cycle may be an unending hellish nightmare. But at least it’s summer.

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1. I will also accept the ukulele, although there’s not exactly a plethora of ukulele bangers on Spotify.
2. Also, if you weren’t already picturing Glover as Lando throwing these on the Millennium Falcon’s what I’m assuming is a very good sound system, you are now. (You’re welcome.)