Deep sigh.

Justin Trudeau Is All of Us in This Photo

As devoted readers1 of Title will know, I have some thoughts about the reality that gets presented in photographs. Namely, that while it’s tempting to see a photo as an accurate depiction of reality, the truth is, it’s only an accurate depiction of a split second. A person yawning at an event, for example, will seem bored for the entirety of the event, but maybe they just yawned because their neighbour did.2 Basically, we ascribe too much meaning to frozen moments.

That being said, photos of Justin Trudeau meeting politicians he doesn’t seem to care for are always pretty great. There were the shots from Trudeau and Trump’s first meeting which reached Sophia Loren/Jayne Mansfield-levels of shade, where Justin’s brief scepticism before shaking Trump’s hand perfectly distilled how we all would feel when faced with a similiar situation.

And now, as a kind of sequel to that shot, we have this shot from Trudeau’s meeting with newly installed Ontario Premier-Elect Doug Ford. He doesn’t seem as wary of Ford as he did with Trump, which makes sense since, despite how we in the lamestream media tell it, Ford isn’t nearly as bad3 as Trump. Instead, Trudeau seems resigned. As if to say, “Here I am meeting with another big blonde buffoon, this is my life now…”

Which might just be the only rational response to life. And by that I don’t just mean that stunned, aggrieved acceptance is the only way to survive our times. I mean, the only rational response to the Rise of the Political Dummies is to do what Trudeau did here. You allow a Ben Affleck moment of quiet desperation, but then you shake hands, put on a smile, and move on. Just remember, someone’s always watching.

Also, Doug Ford’s tie is too long. What is it with these people?

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1. By which I mean, “As my sister Gillian will know…”
2. Or maybe they just wrote a sentence about yawning, and so they yawned, much like I just yawned writing about yawning. Twice.
3. And by “as bad,” I mean “as racist.” Or as fragile. Or, thankfully, as powerful.