"I always misspell genius SMH! The irony!"

Kanye West’s 22 Wildest, Weirdest and Most Controversial Tweets Ever

Earlier this week, Kanye West returned from his latest self-imposed Twitter hiatus—he made it 11 months this time—and so far, it’s been a little like watching Jordan come out of retirement.1 Kanye’s been tweeting pretty much nonstop ever since, running the gamut from album announcements(!!) to his usual brand of charmingly bizarre stream-of-consciousness, including instant classics like this one…

According to Kanye, it’s all part of an upcoming philosophy book he’s writing “in real time” (at least, I think). And it’s a goddamn joy. So, in order to celebrate Yeezy’s triumphant return to social media, here’s a collection of some of his finest tweets of all-time. It’s part Trump-ian self-aggrandizement2, part Jack Handey-esque Deep Thoughts. And 100 percent Kanye.

22. On Genius (November 2010)

Reminder: Kanye was #humblebragging before it was a thing.

21. On… Time, Maybe? (April 2018)

I have no idea what any of this means, but I do know that Kanye thinks it’s extremely deep.

20. His 86-Tweet Monologue (January 2012)

In case you want to question Kanye’s “visionary” credentials, the man essentially invented modern Twitter threads back in 2012. The tweets didn’t survive his subsequent hiatus, but luckily, The Hollywood Reporter captured the full thing for posterity.

19. The Ill-Advised Cosby Tweet (February 2016)

Kanye was hitting that controversy gym hard back in 2016…

18. On Bike Stores (September 2010)

An underrated gem.

17. On the Best Rap Verse of All Time (July 2013)

Dude is nothing if not not-humble.

16. On Movies (February 2016)

Someone needs to hire Kanye to be their full-time film critic, because this is still the best movie review I’ve ever read.

15. On IKEA (March 2016)


Say what you want about ‘Ye, but the guy is always unfailingly on-brand.

14. On Investment Opportunities (February 2016)

Clearly, Mark should’ve listened.

13. The Apology Tweet (February 2015)

This is actually probably one of his better Twitter apologies.

12. On Pillows (August 2010)



11. The Water Bottle Tweet (October 2010)

One of his early gems, this tweet won awards, was sold on coffee mugs, cross-stitched, and cemented Kanye as a must-follow.

10. On the Importance of “Me Time” (April 2014)

OK, this one’s actually just straight up relatable.

9. On Self-Esteem (February 2014)

We’ve officially hit Peak Kanye.

8. The Credenza Tweet (July 2010)


For a while there, West’s timeline was essentially just a super-rich person’s Pinterest board.

7. On Ninjas (September 2010)

I mean… he’s not wrong.

6. On Self-Esteem, Part Two (February 2016)

Spoiler alert: we know.

5. On Pants (January 2016)

Remember the time Kanye interrupted his Twitter fight with Wiz Khalifa to compliment him on his cool pants? Yeah, us too.

4. The Fish Tank Tweet (September 2010)

Who among us hasn’t lost track of our antique fish tank at one point?

3. On Conference Tables (August 2010)

First off, bonus points for using Twitter like it’s Google. Second, only Kanye can turn a simple furniture purchase into an existential chicken/egg situation.

2. On Horses (July 2010)

Did we ever find out if Kanye got his horse? Because I really hope he did.

1. The Persian Rug Tweet (July 2010)

Mic drop.

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1. The first time, that is.
2. Minus the possibility he might accidentally start a nuclear war.