And it was awesome.

Mahershala Ali Dropped Bars at TIFF

Everyone’s talking about Lady Gaga’s EGOT chances out of TIFF thanks to A Star Is Born. But turns out, we’ve all been sleeping on another artist-turned-actor: Mahershala Ali.

The Oscar-winning Moonlight star was in Toronto for his new movie Green Book — a sort of reverse Driving Miss Daisy dramedy from Peter Farrelly1 which, judging from the enthusiastic standing O it received at Tuesday night’s premiere, is going to make all the money at the holiday box office — as well as a sprawling on-stage interview about his 17-year acting career.

Then host Amanda Parrish asked Ali if he’d be willing drop some bars, and the Moonlight star went and spit a minute-and-a-half long freestyle.2

The actor’s spoken at length about his love of hip hop before, saying he makes mixtapes for every character he plays — he even named his cat after Nas — but see, apparently, before he got into the whole Oscar-winning-actor thing, the upcoming True Detective Season 3 star used to rap under the name Prince Ali. And even more surprising, his flow was actually kinda… good?

Ali released two albums, one in 2006 and a follow-up in 2007. After this, maybe it’s time for another.

Day 7

Winner: Mahershala Ali’s flow

Loser: An extremely back-on-her-bullshit Susan Sarandon

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1. Yes, the Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary guy.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. Let’s see Daniel Day-Lewis do that.