Your commute just got a whole lot funnier.

Seth Rogen’s Laugh Is the New Voice of the TTC

Standing on a crowded subway platform during rush hour is not exactly a fun experience.1 Thanks to Seth Rogen though, that commuter nightmare is about to get a little more enjoyable—OK, not really, it’ll still be the worst, but at least now you’ll have something to momentarily distract you from that dude who won’t stop encroaching on your personal space. Because, as of today, Seth Rogen is coming to a subway station near you.2

Earlier this afternoon, the TTC announced that the Canadian comedian had recorded a series of public service announcements for the city, covering everything from the appropriate time to use the emergency alarm (in an emergency, naturally) to why people need to stop clipping their toenails on the Red Rocket (because it’s gross).

And if that idea sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because Rogen recently did the same for his hometown of Vancouver, lending his signature laugh to TransLink to replace Morgan Freeman as the system’s new “guest voice.” And that was fun! Especially since it distracted everyone from the decidedly un-fun reason Freeman needed to be replaced in the first place. (AKA a series of gross sexual harassment allegations made against the 81-year-old Oscar winner.)

Then this happened:

The dozen PSAs run between 15 to 30 seconds long, and some are even legitimately funny (Shout out to Seth’s cousin Shauna). Others are destined to become increasingly less so after the hundredth time you hear them during an 8 AM subway delay. But still! Getting local celebrities to record goofy messages about the importance of proper transit etiquette is a clever idea.3 And it doesn’t need to stop with Seth. Here’s our picks for five famous Torontonians who can take over once everyone gets tired of hearing Seth’s laugh multiple times a day.

Keanu Reeves: Petition to replace the TTC door chimes with Keanu saying “Whoa.”

Ryan Gosling: Only if each PSA starts with “Hey girl.”

Rachel McAdams:Get in loser, we’re going shopping. And don’t block the doors.”

Drake: This one just makes sense. (Plus, I’m pretty sure I’m legally obligated to mention the 6 God at least once in every Toronto-themed story I write.)

Will Arnett: Who better to remind you that choosing to take the TTC in the first place was a huge mistake?

Make it happen, Norm.

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1. Unless you have a very different definition of “fun” than the rest of us.
2. Not literally, of course. That would be crazy.
3. Also, it’s impossible to hear Rogen chuckle his way through phrases like “I judge you!” and, my personal favourite, “While, yes, feet are cool…” and not at least crack a smile.