It's only around for a week.

Here’s the Raddest Place to Buy Swim Trunks In Toronto

Summer is fleeting—especially in Toronto, where the weather flits from frostbitten to fiery and back again with the sudden fickleness of a round of Whac-a-Mole. It makes sense, then, that the city’s dopest swimwear shop would be just as transitory. Over the weekend, Bather—our fave local purveyor of snappy, Canadian-made trunks—launched the Bather Surf Shack, a weeklong pop-up on Toronto’s trendy Ossington strip. 

Housed in a retrofitted shipping container, the breezy, laid-back space has Bather’s entire collection of well-tailored swimwear, tees and caps on deck—all of which’ll look right at home on your next beach getaway or weekend at the cottage. Take a closer look at the Surf Shack in the gallery below, and be sure to swing by 146 Ossington Avenue anytime through June 10 to experience it in person. 

Photos: Bather