This is the best time of year to stock up on outerwear.

Beat the Blizzard In These Warm-as-Hell (and Heavily Discounted!) Coats

Much like Full HouseWill & Grace, Roseanne or whichever ’90s sitcom they’re bringing back this week1, this deplorably cold winter refuses to die. It’s a nippy, flurrying -7°C here in Toronto today, and as far as Siri can tell, there’s no real end in sight. The good news: if you’re already tired of your heaviest-duty coat—or you’ve somehow been surviving on an fall-appropriate peacoat alone—there are a whole lotta good ones available at deep discounts at the moment. Here are five worth considering.


At first glance, this understated bomber might appear a little too svelte for February, but it’s actually packed with 800 fill power goose down to keep you toasty.

Adsum NYC

This military-inspired parka is basically two coats in one: show-stopping waterproof Japanese corduroy on the outside, removable down liner on the inside.


If you can’t afford a convertible, this jacket is the next best thing: zip off the sleeves, and you’ve got yourself a Marty McFly-approved vest.

Tiger of Sweden

My mom actually bought me this coat for Christmas, so you know it’s warm. No concerned mother would send her favourite child out into the harsh Canadian tundra in a jacket that’s anything less than impenetrable.

Ten c

Classic U.S. Army detailing + a fetching shade of red = the stuff of our #menswear-fuelled dreams.

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1. Can a brother get a ‘Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place’ reboot up in here? Ryan Reynolds could even do the entire season AS Deadpool. It’d be very on brand.