The techy, durable material is in the midst of a major comeback.

Here’s Why Your Next Bag Should Be Nylon

The ’90s are officially back. But you knew that already, thanks to all the chunky sneakers, distressed jeans and grungy dudes with long-hair-don’t-care locks populating the sidewalks. The next age-old trend raring for a comeback? Nylon bags.

Twenty years ago, Prada’s techy nylon backpacks helped propel the stalwart Italian heritage brand into one of the decade’s most forward-thinking fashion houses. Now, a slew of designers—from Marni to Raf Simons at Calvin Klein—are embracing the durable material again, pumping out a handsome array of duffles, shoulder bags and totes in every imaginable colour and pattern.

We tracked down eight of the absolute coolest retro-futuristic takes worth investing in now. They’ll give your ‘fits a serious jolt this summer, and remain sturdy and reliable for several lifetimes beyond that.