I want my MTV.

These Christopher Bates x MTV Sneakers Are the Slickest Way to Relive Your Youth

If you were a teenager at any point during or after 1981, you probably have fond memories of MTV. Depending on how old you are, that might mean being mesmerized by the “Thriller” video, binge-watching¬†Cribs over summer vacation, fist-pumping your way through¬†Jersey Shore, or any number of unforgettable VMA moments.

One person who definitely feels that MTV nostalgia? Canadian designer Christopher Bates, who just unveiled his new sneaker collaboration with the iconic network.

The sleek, Italian-crafted kicks feature a handful of rock-inspired details, like metal studs along the toe and heel and a splash black patent leather. MTV’s logo and Bates’ signature kiss motif finish things off with a welcome dose of contrasting red.

Look for them on the runway this coming Monday, when Bates debuts his Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Toronto Fashion Week.