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These Dudes Looked Amazing at the 2018 Golden Globes

If the clothes at last night’s Golden Globes seemed a little more funereal than usual, you weren’t imagining things: the vast majority of attendees chose to wear black to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The palette restriction didn’t prevent the A-listers on hand from swinging for the sartorial fences, though. Some of them nailed the all-black-everything look; some of them, well, decidedly didn’t. Here are our favourites of both.

Best: Liev Schreiber

Quintessential black tie. If you’re gonna go traditional, this is how you do it: substantial, satin, shawl lapels; plain-front tuxedo shirt with simple black studs; a flattering, form-fitting cut; and, most importantly, a self-tied bowtie.

Worst: Laurence Fishburne

We get it, bro. You were Morpheus. Yikes.

Best: Caleb McLaughlin

As far as we can tell, Stranger Things star McLaughlin was the only attendee clever enough to rock the must-have piece of the season: a sleek, elegant turtleneck. Leave it to the Gen Z-ers to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Worst: Fatih Akin

Meanwhile, we were very glad to see that In the Fade director Akin was the only one who showed up wearing a sheer, tattered, deep scoop-neck tee.

Best: Sterling K. Brown

There was plenty of velvet on hand last night,1 but no one pulled it off quite as well as Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series winner Brown. His jacket was tailored to perfection, but it’s the smaller details that really bring the look home: the semi-spread collar looks great alongside those imposing peak lapels; that gold-and-red pin adds just the right amount of visual flourish.

Worst: Keith Urban

Keith, my guy: Still at it with the flat iron and the highlights? Somebody needs to get this man a pair of clippers, stat.

Best: Dave Franco

His older brother took home the hardware, but Dave Franco won all the sartorial plaudits for taking a risk with his sequinned lapels.

Worst: Denzel Washington

Here’s a textbook example of why we generally advise against black dress shirts: when paired with a boxy, ill-fitting suit jacket and wide straight tie, you immediately look like a bouncer.

Best: Ewan McGregor

And here‘s a textbook example of how to wear a black dress shirt with aplomb: find one with a subtle tonal stripe, and then pair it with a trim, slightly shrunken tux and thick-soled, Doc Marten-y oxfords for a welcome air of punk-rock cool.

Worst: Justin Tranter

The only way this train wreck of a pirate outfit would be even remotely OK is if it’s actually a loving tribute to Tommy Wiseau.

Best: Chris Hemsworth

Thanks to the evening’s colour constraints, Hemsworth’s head-to-toe paisley—which could’ve been a Don Cherry-esque disaster—winds up looking as tasteful and sophisticated as ever.

Best: Alexander Skarsgård

Perhaps the simplest and most underrated black tie move of all? A double-breasted tux. Skarsgård absolutely kills it in this slimmed-down take.

Worst: Darren Criss

Sure, this look combines the two elements we liked about the last couple ‘fits: a head-to-toe pattern and a double-breasted silhouette. It’s ruined, however, by the roughly 37 buttons on the front of the jacket. Who was your style inspiration, dude? Bonzi Wells at the 1998 NBA Draft?


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1. They’ve clearly been reading Title.