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Five Pairs of Sunglasses That’ll Make You Look Way Cooler Than You Actually Are

Bottom line: You need sunglasses. We’re not going to tell you exactly which ones to buy because, frankly, that really depends on the size and shape of your head. Go try a bunch on and see what works for you. These are five of our faves right now.

Flyer Than Fly

Aviators are classic for a reason: the oversized, teardrop lenses look great on just about everybody. This pair tweaks the formula just a touch via that unorthodoxly separated bridge, placing them at the exact centre point between Maverick from Top Gun and Quavo. Bailey Nelson, $205

Snap To It

Clip-on sunglasses were once the sole territory of dorky dads on long road trips. But Dita’s version, all deep black and shiny gold, give off more of an amped-up Mad Max vibe. They’ll give any looks you pair ’em with about 10 percent more edge. Dita, $860, at Spectacle

Gold Rush

Bailey Nelson, $175

Half & Half

It’s not for everyone, but the two-toned look makes a serious first impression when pulled off right. Warby Parker, $150

Woo-Eee-Ooh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly

When in doubt, opt for polished, midcentury and square. Givenchy’s take hits exactly the right notes.  Givenchy, $440, at Holt Renfrew

Photos: Adrian Armstrong
Styling: Jo Jin