We found the 11 coolest versions to buy right now.

Your Grandpa’s Favourite Sweater Vests Are Having a Seriously Stylish Moment

So, we’ve all been dipping into our pops’ wardrobes for a minute now—what with all the dad hats, dad jeans and dad sneakers that are making waves at the moment. But it might be time you start looking for fashion inspiration a little farther up your family tree.

Grandpa-approved sweater vests are back in a big way, in forms both classic—such as the solid-hued versions from Lacoste and Pringle of Scotland—and edgy, like the playfully subverted takes by the likes of Raf Simons and Comme Des Garçons. And right now, during the cooler days of early spring, is the best time to add a sleeveless layer to your repertoire. Take one for a weekend test drive with a tee and denim jacket, or prep it up for the office with an Oxford shirt and blazer.

Here are 11 standouts worth investigating closer.