The Supreme collaboration is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why Lacoste Is Cooler Than Ever Right Now

When I was in middle school, you were “cool” if you had a little crocodile on your polo shirt. Lacoste was the be-all and end-all of classroom-appropriate swag. That didn’t carry over to high school.

Not that Lacoste ever went away—the stalwart French sportswear label has been churning out their signature polos and beyond for well over 80 years at this point, with no signs of slowing down. It just hasn’t felt quite as searingly relevant as it did back when I still had a homeroom teacher.

But that all might be about to change.

After a successful collaboration last year with streetwear juggernaut Supreme, the two labels have teamed up again for a dope new Spring 2018 collection. Lacoste is dipping into its ‘80s and ‘90s archives with a clear influence from Supreme’s streetwear culture. The new collection will feature classic Lacoste pieces but subverted with Supreme sensibilities. Which means velour and lots of it—and we’re so okay with that.

The standout pieces include varsity jackets, velour tracksuits, bucket hats and belt bags. Expect the collection—which drops on Supreme’s website on April 19 and Lacoste’s website on April 20—to sell out fast and make its way to Instagram feeds around the world shortly thereafter.

And it’s not just this Supreme partnership that’s giving Lacoste the renaissance it needs. Since taking the helm in 2010, Lacoste creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista has worked steadily to revamp and renew what the iconic label represents in people’s minds. “My idea is to create stories around color, create novelty and use color in a more subtle way to make it more realistic,” he told Dazed back in 2011.

Seven much-lauded years in, Baptista’s approach seems more zeitgeisty than ever. His Fall/Winter 2018 collection luxuriates in muted greens, greys, browns and blues, experimenting with textures including head-to-toe corduroy, leather kimonos and a new take on Lacoste’s classic piqué fabric. In other words, it’s the perfect grown-man, forward-thinking complement to the Supreme collab’s retro-tinged youthfulness.

Taken together, it all adds up to one thing: that crocodile is all kinds of cool again.