Because you can't wear slides to a job interview.

Nine Pairs of Dress Shoes Worth Investing In Right Now

No matter how “dank and wavy” that menswear Instagrammer you follow thinks dad sneakers are, no man can survive on chunky-soled New Balances alone. At some point, even if your office has no discernible dress code, you’re going to need something a little more sophisticated. A pair of shoes that commands actual respect—not internet clout. The kind of footwear that won’t look the least bit out of place at your best friend’s wedding, say, or a job interview at an old-school law firm with a very discernible dress code.

We’re talking brogues, bucks, monk straps, ankle boots. You know: dress shoes. Hard bottoms, as Jay-Z would call them. Below, you’ll find our suggestions for the very best pairs you can buy right now.