Those tiny '90s sunglasses aren't flattering on anybody.

Three Spring Trends Worth Trying (and the Overrated Ones to Avoid)

All trends aren’t created equal, obviously. For every corduroy suit, there is a fedora waiting to sabotage your game. While the current spring/summer cycle is full of trends we can get behind, there are, as always, some to avoid. Now, don’t take this as a list of do’s and don’ts, even though that’s exactly what it is. Take these as mere suggestions. Maybe you’re one of those people who can make any trend work.

AVOID: Small ’90s Sunglasses

What with fashion being cyclical and all, ’90s style is having a moment. Peep the logo tees and all the ladies wearing chokers. We recently told you about how even nylon is back. That being said, there are still some turn-of-the-millennium trends that should have stayed dead with Y2K hysteria.  Case in point: those tiny-ass Matrix-esque sunglasses. People tend to wear them at the tip of their nose rather than the bridge. Besides the fact that your lenses are about as long as my patience, exactly which UV rays are you trying to block out with those slivers?

TRY: ’70s-Inspired Shades

For sunglasses, look further back in fashion history for that right, I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck look. It requires a little trial and error, but this is your time to experiment with bigger frames and funkier lenses.

AVOID: All-Primary-Colour-Everything

Some trends are better left on Instagram. Colour blocking primary colours is one of those trends, unless you’re trying to look like a block of Legos. Sure, the occasional bold colour won’t hurt anybody, but wearing nothing but Crayola-level blues and reds screams “novelty.” It might be cool now, but for how long? Clothes are meant to last more than one fashion cycle. Is that bright yellow raincoat paired with punchy green pants going to send the same message next spring?

TRY: Dressing Tonally

The antidote to primary colour blocking you ask? Well, it’s actually the complete opposite. How about trying a tonal look instead? The key here is to stick to colours you’re comfortable with and that look good on you. If you have a darker skin tone, stick to neutrals like army green or brown. If you’re on the fairer side, try a full grey look.

Another key with tonal dressing is to play with textures. It’s a great way to add in some variety in otherwise a monochromatic look. For the warmer months, stick to fabrics that make sense. Like, say, a cotton blazer paired with linen trousers and a pair of suede espadrilles.

AVOID: Distressed Denim

Distressed denim, hell, distressed everything has really had its moment as of late. We’ve seen it in outerwear, shoes and, of course, jeans. Distressed denim, specifically, was the offspring of the ’70s punk movement and has been a reference we’ve visited basically every decade after that. The thing with distressed clothing is that it’ll always be a thing. You’ll have another chance to rip those jeans. This spring/summer season, maybe, give something else a try.


Instead opt for a classic “dad” fit in a light-washed colour. The days of super-skinny denim are gone, our legs can breath again thanks to straight or relaxed fits. But, there’s a catch: wider legged, light-washed denim is strictly a daytime look. Especially with the hems cuffed and paired with a tropical-print camp collar shirt. For night-time adventures, stick to darker washes in slimmer fits.